WhatsApp and WHO partners on coronavirus alert service

admin March 23, 2020

WhatsApp and WHO partners on coronavirus alert service

WhatsApp and WHO partners on coronavirus alert service

WhatsApp and WHO partners on Coronavirus alert service as a way to keep you informed on the latest in the wake of the pandemic. Just like Google and bing, WHO alerts you on latest update on covid-19.

Coronavirus alert on WhatsApp platform

WhatsApp may have its share of blames in the past. But with the “Covid-19 on WhatsApp” move, both WHO and Facebook-owned WhatsApp have joined hands. This latest development will allow for the app users to stay safe from Coronavirus. The owner of this messaging platform Mark Zuckerberg, has announced this development on Facebook.

With the World Health Organization (WHO) Alerts, you can receive their daily situation report on the go, which includes latest news information on covid-19 as well as latest numbers of cases by country around the world, tips on how to protect yourself from covid-19, latest situation reports and numbers in real time and answers to frequently asked questions that you can easily send to friends and family. This will also help government decision-makers make decisions to protect the health of their population.

Through WhatsApp, easy-to-use messaging platform which has the potential to reach two (2) billion people and this enables WHO to disseminate information directly to the hands of those who needs it.

How To Join this Service

To First of all, save this number on your smartphone +41 79 893 1892. Once you are done typing the number on your keypad, it will show you “Switzerland” on the screen. For those who may not know, “+41” is the country code for Switzerland. The headquarters of WHO is in Geneva, Switzerland. After you saved the number then open a conversation on WhatsApp, by simply typing “hi” to activate the conversation, prompt options can could help answer questions about Coronavirus (covid-19).

Or you can simply access this service through this link that opens a conversation on WhatsApp.

Now, what this imply is that you can get to know the actual coronavirus scenario around you. and most importantly, it will be without rumors. As Whatsapp is putting out measures to mop up fake news or hoax. Though the platform has had its share of blames in the past in the form of lynching that accounted for nearly 46 deaths.

WhatsApp For a Better Use

Let’s use this platform once again, to spread real information and stay away from fake news and rumours and save lives. It will be a great way to checkmate the spread fake news if you aren’t sure the message you are forwarding is true to your knowledge.

Coronavirus information hub

WhatsApp might be a center of hoax, rumors or fake news for one, it’s also a coronavirus information hub too. For more info, please refer to Whatsapp. WhatsApp and WHO partners on coronavirus as a way to keep people informed and to save lives. The hub was created in partnership with Praekelt using Turn machine learning technology.