Handwashing and hand sanitizer: which comes first

admin April 1, 2020

Handwashing and hand sanitizer: which comes first

Handwashing vs. hand sanitizer

Handwashing and hand sanitizer both aimed at having good hygiene, combating disease causing organism and to stay healthy. Knowing when it’s best to wash your hands, and when hand sanitizers can be key to protecting oneself from the novel coronavirus, covid-19 as well as other illnesses, such as Malaria, common cold typhoid, cholera and list is endless.

Although both serve the same purpose, washing your hands with soap and water should always be your first point of call, as reported by the CDC. Hand sanitizer can be used as a last resort approach only when soap and water isn’t available in a given situation.

It is also crucial to wash your hands at all time, especially:

  • after using the toilet
  • after sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose.
  • before and after meal
  • after touching surfaces that could be contaminated such as door handle, clothes e.t.c.

The CDC has reeled out specific instruction on the most effective way to wash your hands. Here are their recommendations:how to wash your hands illustration sellables

1. Use clean, running water always. (It can be warm or cold.)

2. First, wet your hands, then turn off the water and lather your hands with soap.

3. Thoroughly rub your hands together with the soap for at least 20 seconds. Ensure you scrub between your fingers, the back of your hands and under your nails.

4. Turn on the water and rinse your hands. After wash, use a clean towel or air dry.

Wrap up

Hand sanitizer is a handy on-the-go way to help prevent the spread of germs when the availability of soap is out of reach.

In dire situation where you can’t find hand sanitizer at your local shop and hand washing isn’t available, you can make your own hand sanitizer.

Despite the fact that hand sanitizers can be an effective way of eradicating germs, health authorities strongly recommend handwashing whenever possible as a way to prevent disease causing organism such as virus, bacterial, fungi and a host of others.

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