Coronavirus Daily Digest May 7, 2020 Update

admin May 13, 2020

Coronavirus Daily Digest May 7, 2020 Update

Coronavirus Daily Digest: May 13, 2020

Resentment over lockdowns is gradually fueling violence; And a devastating wave of infection sweeping across Latin America and Italian FA gives a nod for restart. Here’s the Coronavirus daily digest May 13, 2020.

Worldwide, we’re closing in on 4.5 million confirmed cases, with more than 298,000 deaths and 1.6 million recoveries. In the U.S. they’re up to 1.4 million cases. More than 85,000 people have died, and 310,000 have recovered.

In Nigeria, 184 new confirmed cases and 6 deaths were recorded in Nigeria0, 184 new confirmed cases and 6 deaths were recorded from 22 states- Lagos(51), Jigawa(23), Bauchi(16), Katsina(16), Kano(14), FCT(10), Rivers(10), Kwara(9), Delta(5), Kaduna(5), Sokoto(4), Oyo(4), Kebbi(3), Nasarawa (3), Osun(3), Ondo(2), Ebonyi(1), Edo(1), Enugu(1), Anambra(1), Plateau (1), Niger (1) in the last 24 hours. This brings the total of confirmed cases to 4971, 1070 cases have been discharged and 164 deaths so far.

There’s growing consensus among modelers estimating the number of cases and deaths from the novel coronavirus in the next few weeks, roughly 120,000 total fatalities through mid-June. But reopenings are likely to change those numbers upward.


The country’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Fauci issued a blunt warning yesterday that states and cities could “turn back the clock” and see more COVID-19 deaths and economic damage if they lift coronavirus stay-at-home orders too soon — a sharp disparity as President Donald Trump pushes to right a free-falling economy. The pandemic has stirred up a seething resentment among a small minority of Americans protesting to return to work and reopen the economy, and tensions are bubbling over in scenes of lawlessness. For instance, in Michigan armed militiamen stood guard outside a barbershop that defied the lockdown and reopened. And a man who refused to wear a mask broke the arm of a Target employee in Los Angeles.

The availability of personal protective equipment remains elusive in many areas. The U.S. government awarded a $55 million contract to a little-known Virginia-based defense company to provide 10 million N95 masks to the U.S. government’s COVID-19 response failed to deliver and had its contract canceled Tuesday. And a cargo plane carrying medical supplies for healthcare workers held N95 masks that were counterfeit — as are millions of medical masks, gloves, gowns, and other PPE supplies currently used in hospitals across the country, putting lives at risk.

Despite the difficulty by many countries to get kits, China is rapidly expanding their availability and affordability, enabling citizens, not just frontline workers, but people from hard-hit areas or the sick — to get tested.

As toll ease gradually in New York and in European nations, a devastating wave has struck cities in Latin America, one that rivals the worst outbreaks in the world. Faced with increasing death tolls and overwhelmed hospitals, state governor’s and city Major’s in Brazil are lurching forward with mandatory lockdowns against the will of President Jair Bolsonaro, who says job losses are more damaging than COVID-19.

Coronavirus has been confirmed in a crowded civilian protection camp in South Sudan’s capital for the first time, the United Nations said Tuesday, a worrisome development in a country that is one of the world’s least prepared for the spread of the virus.

United States top infectious disease expert, Dr Anthony Fauci, has warned that the country does not yet have the disease under control and that easing lockdowns too soon risks unnecessary deaths. But President Donald Trump called his warning unacceptable.

Italy’s football clubs voted in favour of resuming the season on June 13 during a general assembly, while awaiting government approval.

In Russia, 100-year-old woman Pelageya Poyarkova has successfully recovered from the new coronavirus in Moscow hospital.

The novel coronavirus may never go away like HIV and populations around the world will have to learn to live with it, the World Health Official Dr. Mike Ryan warned.

The remote, high-altitude kingdom, nestled in a South African mountain range, Lesotho reported its first case of COVID-19, the health ministry said, becoming the last country in Africa to be afflicted by the virus.

Borno state governor has suspended lockdown indefinitely while urging religious association to ensure strict compliance to NCDC guidelines.

As many as 171,000 Nigerian children may die in the next six months due to the disruption in routine medical services and threats to already weakened health care system in country, UNICEF warns.

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