Coronavirus Daily Digest: May 21, 2020 Update

admin May 21, 2020

Coronavirus Daily Digest: May 21, 2020 Update

Coronavirus Daily Digest: May 21, 2020

The world passes a gruesome milestone. Latin America the new epicenter. Africa covid-19 cases on the rise. Here’s coronavirus daily digest May 21, 2020.

The world now has over 5.1 million confirmed cases, with more than 334,000 deaths and 2 million recoveries. In the U.S., 1.6 million confirmed cases have been reported. More than 96,000 Americans have died, with over 382,000 recoveries.

In Nigeria, 339 new confirmed cases and 9 deaths were from 18 states- Lagos(139), Kano(28), Oyo(28), Edo(25), Katsina(22), Kaduna(18), Jigawa (14), Yobe(13), Plateau (13), FCT(11), Gombe(8), Ogun(5), Bauchi(4), Nasarawa(4), Delta(3), Ondo(2), Rivers(1), Adamawa(1) in the last 24 hours. Nigeria now has 7016 confirmed cases with 1907 discharged and 211 deaths so far.

If lockdown was initiated a week earlier, at least 36,000 American lives could have saved. A little differences in timing would have prevented the worst exponential growth, researchers found.

Two new polls conducted shows most Americans show don’t feel ready to reopen the country. In the first poll, two-thirds of Americans are not expecting their daily lives to return to normal for at least six months, and as states reopen, three-quarters are concerned that a second wave of virus will emerge while in the second poll, 83% of Americans say they are quite concerned that lifting restrictions in their area will lead to more infections and 54% are very concerned that such steps will result in a spike of COVID-19 cases.

The practice of contact tracing requires a hybrid job of interrogator, therapist, and nurse as tracers coax nervous people to be honest. On Wednesday Apple and Google together rolled out a COVID-19 exposure notification system, essentially a unified programming interface which will allow public health departments to create their own contact tracing applications.

Did you know that nearly half the Twitter accounts discussing the coronavirus appear to be bots. Researchers identified more than 100 false narratives that are increasing on the platform.

A trial to determine the effectiveness of the two anti-malarial drugs, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, which President Trump says he’s taking, has begun in the United Kingdom.

There are no daily public displays of gratitude for front line worker during amid coronavirus crisis like there are in the West, instead of applause, they face mistrust, low pay and even open hostility.

The Latin America region have reported more new cases than the US or Europe for three days in a row, driven by high numbers Brazil surpassing 20,00 deaths while Peru and Mexico follow accordingly.

The CDC in the U.S., have estimated 35% of coronavirus infections are asymptomatic and 0.4% of cases will die. So far over 95,000 people have died in the nation.

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, who once liken the virus to “a little flu,” sent a tweet on Wednesday about the new health ministry over the use of chloroquine after the country recorded a spike. In his tweet he referred the disease as a “war”.

The flag of the United States will be flown at half-mast over the next three days to honour Coronavirus victims even as death toll approaches 100,000.

In Bolivia, just six months in power the health minister Marcelo Navaja was arrested on suspicion of corruption related to the overpriced purchase of ventilators to fight COVID-19 before being sacked by interim President Jeanine Anez.

The number of those infected with coronavirus in Africa has passed 95,000, with more than 2,900 death while 38,075 people have recovered. South Africa still to with 18000 cases.

In Iran, around 10,000 health workers have been infected with the deadly Coronavirus, some of them have died,” according to the deputy minister of health Qassem Janbabai.

The second worst hit county in the world, United Kingdom has pledged £20 million to support the African Union in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Ghana seems to have reached a plateau as infections rates are reportedly slowing, falling below 183 per day over the past four days.

The Gambia Football Federation (GFF) wrapped their 2019/2020 football season “NULL and VOID” after consulting with the clubs. From the resolve, there will be no winners and no relegations.

South Africa warned that death toll could explode in the coming months. Up to 45,000 South Africans could die due to covid-19 by November, scientist says.

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