Coronavirus Daily Digest 24 April, 2020 update

admin April 24, 2020

Coronavirus Daily Digest 24 April, 2020 update

Coronavirus Daily Digest: April 24, 2020

Health system on a brink with corpses piled in litters. Branded a moron after President suggested a potentially deadly treatment. And world leaders announced a joint initiative today. Get the latest coronavirus daily digest 24 April 2020 here:


More than 2.8 million cases have been confirmed worldwide, with more than 197,000 dead and over 800,000 recovered. In the U.S., they’ve had 925,000 confirmed cases. Today the nation hit 50,000 dead, while around 110,000 have recovered.

In Nigeria 114 confirmed new cases and one new death were recorded from nine states- Lagos (80), Gombe (21), FCT (5), zamfara (2), Edo (2), Ogun (1), Oyo (1), Kaduna (1), Sokoto (1). With this 1095 cases have been confirmed, 208 discharged and 32 deaths so far

President Trump was branded a “moron” after suggesting injecting people with disinfectant might kill the virus. Doctors also replied “people will die“.

Antibody tests suggest that no less than 20% of New Yorkers have already had COVID-19.

After New York and New Jersey, the next epicenter in the U.S. is the Navajo Nation.

Amid barrage of criticism, the governor of Georgia is going ahead with a plan to reopen some nonessential businesses today, despite increase in coronavirus deaths in the state.

World leaders excluding the United States will launch a global initiative today to help accelerate work on drugs, tests and vaccines against COVID-19 and to share them around the world, the WHO said.

The world’s most populous Muslim country has suspended all domestic air and sea travel for until May 31, as millions of Muslims mark the start of the holy month of Ramadan.

Africa is dangerously lags in the race for equipment to fight the virus. “The very future of the continent will depend on how this situation is handled.

At least 150 doctors have died in Italy after contacting the virus — and health care professionals account for about 10% of all infections, according to the Italian Association of Doctors.

China’s Coronavirus vaccine trial moves to the second phase of clinical trial with 96 patients, in three age groups, were given the vaccine on Thursday. So far, the vaccine is yet to show any side effects and volunteers taking part are still under observation.

With figures approaching 20,000 death, and 768 dead in the last 24 hours, the U.K has given a green-light for use of drones in delivering vital coronavirus medical supplies to hospital from next week.

Could plasma collected from COVID-19 survivor effective in treating patients who are seriously unwell with the disease? U.K. is set to begin trials.

A country in Africa has only one medical facility for treating Coronavirus patients despite growing number of cases.

Portugal recorded 444 new confirmed cases and 34 deaths in the last 24 hours with a total deaths of 854 and 22,797 infections from coronavirus since the start of the pandemic.

Despite death toll, Egypt and Algeria ease lockdown measures from the first day of the holy month of Ramadan on Friday by shortening a night curfew and lifting a full lockdown.

Despite having 44,293 confirmed infections and 6,679 deaths from coronavirus, the Belgian authorities have indicated that they are going to start relaxing the lockdown measures on may 4. Non-essential businesses will reopen, however the use of a mask on public transport will be compulsory.

The public health system in Peru is on the brink of collapse with health workers going without necessary protect equipment, with corpses being piled in rubbish bags and patients being cared for on the streets

An internal document from the German Ministry of Labour suggests that footballers wear masks on the pitch as part of the preventive measures taken for resumption of the Bundesliga.

Italy’s numbers continue to decline with 420 more deaths in the last 24 hours, the lowest number since March 19. New cases of infection were 3,021, which is 321 less than Thursday.


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