Coronavirus Daily Digest 10 April, 2020 update

admin April 10, 2020

Coronavirus Daily Digest 10 April, 2020 update

Coronavirus Daily Digest: April 10, 2020

When will the U.S. start to reopen? How to keep fit indoors. In South Korea, people cured of the virus are testing positive again. Catch up on Coronavirus Daily Digest 10 April 2020 here:

At the end of today, more than 1.9 million cases have been confirmed worldwide, with over 100,000 deaths and 376,000 recoveries. In the U.S, they’ve had 500,000 confirmed cases and almost 19,000 deaths, with over 27,000 recoveries. More than 7,800 of those deaths have been in New York City alone. Here at home, Nigeria recorded 17 new covid-19 cases, making a total of 305 with 58 cases discharged and 7 deaths.

Could the U.S start to reopen as early as May 1? The Trump administration wants to find a way, but health experts caution against acting too early.

A lot of families in the US rely on free school meals to keep children fed. With closure of schools, districts are struggling to meet their needs.

Essential workers in major areas of the states, rely on public transportation to get to work. With many transit workers not working, ill or quarantined, safe commuting can feel impossible.

New York still remains the epicenter of the outbreak in the United States, but there are signs the curve is plateauing.

In New York City and other places around the world, 7pm means it’s time to clap out your window to appreciate the first responders and essential workers. Someplace in the U.S., 8pm is howling time.

A mental health crisis hotline in the United States, has seen a nearly 900% increase in calls.

As people around the world stay home, the quality of air is improving.

Italy has extended it’s nationwide lockdown until May 3, despite pressure from business leaders to allow gradual restart of the economy.

In South Korea, 91 patients believed to be cured of covid-19 have tested positive again.

After 72 days in lockdown, Wuhan is emanating — slowly.

A critical look at the painstaking effort that has held down Germany’s death toll.

Christians mark Good Friday in isolation, without solemn church services or emotional processions.

On Sunday, churches are looking for a different ways to observe Easter. Despite orders against public gatherings, some still plan to hold in-person services.

Uganda’s 75-year-old president released a workout video to instruct on how to exercise indoors.

Amazon has moved from their normal day job to building a Coronavirus lab with a capacity to test it’s over 750,000 workers.

Still thinking 5G radiation is the cause of covid-19? The world health in a statement has debunk such myth that 5G is not responsible for spread of Coronavirus.

The world health has warned government that hasty lifting of lockdown can spark a fatal resurgence of the novel Coronavirus.

Anambra and Niger states has joined states with covid-19 cases, as they recorded first Coronavirus case.

School feeding program amid lockdown is a scam as the National Association of the Parent-Teacher Association has disagreed with the Federal Government over the attempt to feed pupils at home during lockdown.

Nigeria’s minister of health Osagie Ehanire is unaware that doctors treating covid-19 patients are being paid hazard allowance.

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